Office Moves

Office move services

Business owners will occasionally move their offices to growth or changes in the circumstances. In any case, an office move requires care and professionalism so that the transition is smooth and there are no interruptions in the business. Western Sydney Removalist is also specialised in moving offices – having years of experience and a group of skilled removalists, we are offering you the best office removalist service money can get.

The office removal service we offer includes the packing and unpacking of documentation and business files and office equipment (computers, paper shredders, fax machines, photocopy machines, projectors, safes, etc.), the disassembly and assembly of furniture and workstations, loading, moving in a van, unloading and distribution in the new address, providing boxes prior to the move for the packing of the documentation in use and personal items.

What we bring to you:

Our quality policy

By maintaining leadership in all aspects of the sector, we are offering you a full-scope office removalist service. Using strategies that have been proven over the years we guarantee you a service that you’ll 100% satisfied with. Worried about potential damage to your valuable belongings? Accidents do happen but no need to worry; our services are fully covered by insurance.

Appropriate packaging for each type of item.

Our years of experience have helped us to evolve to meet the needs of our customers. Our main objective is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied, offering a fast, safe and reliable service.

Providing services to our customers by following technological developments is something we are proud of. Western Sydney Removalist is always the first one to adapt and implement the developments in the sector. Your office is in safe hands with our experienced removalists and up-to-date inventory.

We can schedule the service on the date and time your business needs so that the move does not interfere with the professional activity of your company.

Regardless of the size of the relocation of your office, our staff will prepare a logistic plan together with the budget, which will serve as the basis for the transfer.

Keep in mind that hiring a professional and experienced office relocation company will ensure that your business moves economically, quickly and efficiently, minimising downtime and facilitating productivity.

Working on the weekends

Western Sydney Removalist is also offering its services on the weekends to ensure your business is unaffected by the relocation. Have a busy schedule? We will adjust our schedule to yours and rest assured you will get a stress free relocation service.

We satisfy the needs of our potential clients regardless of socioeconomic conditions. Our commitment to the company and our customers allow us to have a service of excellent quality and logistics of removals.