Interstate Moves

Western Sydney Removalist has tremendous experience in interstate moves – having moved hundreds of homes interstate, we are the best at what we do. Pick a state and we will do the rest; packing, loading and transporting your items safely to their new location.

We offer our removalist services between Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other major cities.

Long-distances won’t be a challenge for us

We have a certain approach to interstate removals which makes us able to conduct a perfect removalist service. We start things with an in-home assessment and guide you through the moving process and come up with the most sensible moving plan for you. It is a process that may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Long-distance moves require special attention to detail to ensure everything gets delivered in one piece. We use special equipment to strap down all the items and furniture in our vehicles to keep them firm and safe.

Western Sydney Removalist only hires the best drivers who know long-distance roads from the heart and will deliver your belongings within the discussed timeframe. Accompanying our driver will be the removalists who will unload, unpack and set your items in your new home based on your instructions.

Affordable interstate prices

Worried about the rates? With our fixed charges, you won’t have to stress over the time spent on your move – we will quote you a stable rate that is very affordable compared to other removalist services around Sydney. Take advantage of our experience and our expertise in the matter to make your move an experience without surprise factors and without stress. We put all our know-how into practice to offer you quality interstate removals services.

When we reach our maximum capacity, we do not subcontract and we do not employ temporary workers.

Our philosophy for years is to offer our customers to move cheaper. But beware! We do not compromise from the quality! When we propose you to move “cheap” we offer you the best quality/price ratio on the market.

Keeping up with the demand

With the population and economic growth in Australia, there is more demand for removalists than ever. There are more people moving between states than ever as well – Western Sydney Removalist is offering you the same quality services between states that you’d get for short distance moves. Using our experience and skill-sets, we adhere all Quality Standards all over Australia.

Safe packing and loading of your valuables

We provide our removalists with the latest and most modern material and equipment for packing so that they can work their magic and ensure a safe delivery of your items. The items are strapped down inside the vehicle and padded with special material to absorb shocks. These are high-quality materials that we always utilise.

Contrary to popular belief, many moving companies do not have accident insurance, even though you entrust them with your belongings and transportation. Western Sydney Removalist is aware of the concerns inherent in a move and provides you with a total insurance coverage on your belongings.

We have very strict policies in place and are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our systems and personnel to ensure that these requirements are met.

It’s simple, good packaging guarantees a lack of breakage. Western Sydney Removalist experts are trained in specific techniques to ensure that all your items arrive in perfect condition at your new home. Over the years, we have developed our own techniques and spared no effort to perfect them.

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