About Us

Western Sydney Removalist is a service with a long history of nothing but perfectly carried on moves and 100% satisfied customers.

Western Sydney Removalist

We offer our customers a wide range of services to guarantee an integral solution to the relocation of their homes or businesses.

Our team is made up of professional assemblers with extensive experience in the disassembly and assembly of all types of furniture, as well as in the packaging and handling that the different types of goods require. We have trucks of various capacities, padded inside and provided with all the removal materials and utensils, as well as a furniture elevator if for whenever it is required.

Assessing your property to prepare the most ideal relocation plan

Our representatives will visit your property to assess the volume of the items to be moved. This may include the furniture, kitchen appliances, their location and weight. Our professionals will also assess the corridors and staircases to see if they are suitable to move the large furniture.

  • Know-how: Our moving company puts its know-how and expertise at your service throughout the stages of your relocation project.
  • Adaptability: Our team of movers puts everything in relief to best meet your expectations and your needs.
  • Proximity: Our team of movers listens to you and offers you wise advice while guaranteeing a moving service to the height of your requirements.

Insured removalist services

There is always the risk of things happening that are out of our control. Worry not, all of our services are fully insured. By hiring our services, you are signing up for a relocation service that you will be totally stress-free and relaxed.

Highlights of our removalist services:

  • Punctuality
  • Respect to deadlines
  • Transparency in finances
  • Skilled and experienced personnel
  • Modern and precise tools & equipment

Why are we different?

Regardless of the size and type of move, timely, economical and an effective service will be always provided to you by our company. With the spirit of teamwork, we have accepted the task of developing ourselves in the projects we undertake. In this direction, we are doing our complete best to keep the leading position in the field.

Quality comes at the top of our most important values ​​and we do not limit ourselves to customer expectations in this regard, we try to go beyond expectations. Our staff is working with the philosophy of unconditional customer satisfaction. Our goal is continuous growth and profitable growth.

Our clients’ success is our gain. Short-term thinking and goals are not a part of Western Sydney Removalist’s culture. As a company we are always happy to have new relationships. It is our constant aim to establish partnerships and develop our potential and our work with initiatives such as strategic alliances.

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